Colorado 2016, That’s a Wrap!

Dear Parents,

We’re sadly (and slowly!) packing up to return home. This trip has far surpassed expectations, to say the least. It was a slight gamble to come all the way out here with reports of little snow, but we stuck to the plan and I’m so glad we did. It’s been a productive week. From hop turns and whirly birds on the hill to juggling in the condos, the kids have improved and bonded and formed a strong team dynamic that will lay the foundation for the rest of the season. We have a wonderfully diverse group of kids.

They will be tired this weekend! I suggest lots of rest and I strongly encourage you all to make the trip to Killington if you can. It’s worth the experience!

Special thanks to Joanie Barthold, our resident chef, for cooking homemade meals each day. Your kids are healthy because of her! And to Rich and Paul, the twins, for leading the charge with our boys’ team (and surviving!).

We’ll see you on the East Coast. Happy Thanksgiving!


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